Autumn Quinoa

Category: Main Dishes  


~1 cup of uncooked organic quinoa (I use white but any color is fine)
~2 cups organic butternut squash, cubed
~1 cup of organic baby shitake mushrooms
~1/2 cup Italian parsley, torn or chopped
~2 ½ tablespoons of olive oil
~1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
~Sea salt and pepper to taste


Place butternut squash and mushrooms in a bowl and mix with ½ tablespoon of olive oil. Place on a baking sheet and roast at 350 for 45 minutes. Cook quinoa and place in a bowl. When roasted butternut squash and mushrooms are done, mix them in the bowl with quinoa and add parsley, remaining olive oil, cinnamon and pepper.

If enjoying after cleansing, feel free to add ¼ cup toasted pecans or pine nuts.