“I had heard of Risa’s cleanse long before I actually decided to do the cleanse with her. So when my girlfriend finally persuaded me to do it with her, I did so, kicking and screaming. I thought to myself, “There is no way, I am going to make it 21 days without fried food, chips and alcohol.” Not only did I make it, but I also lost 8lbs and I felt better than I had in years! Still feeling good and wanting to feel even better, I did it again 6 months later and I lost another 5lbs. That was not even the best part of the story.( Having been diagnosed and living with crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis and the painful symptoms associated with those two diseases made my life difficult at times.) The cleanse helped with my flare-ups and painful swelling, I also started to sleep better, without any sleep aids and I had more energy than ever.

With all the great results, I decided to keep the momentum going and I am currently doing a 12 week nutrition program with Risa, I am happy to report, that I continue to lose weight, my energy is better than ever and I am symptom free from crohn’s and rheumatoid arthritis. I no longer have to take 8 prescription pills a day. I have happily traded prescription pills for supplements, which help my body be at an optimum level. Risa continues to teach me about nutrition and I continue to grow and learn through her patient guidance and weekly coaching sessions. She has truly changed my life and I truly am grateful because I could not have done it without her. Stay tuned, this story is not over yet.”

-Yolanda L.

“The 21-Day Detox with Risa Groux was one of the most life changing experiences ever. I have always had a major issue with sleeping through the night, my weight, and of course when I get stressed I always go for candy. While on my 21-day journey my sleep improved 100%. I am actually getting great sleep for once in my life. One of the most amazing things is that I was faced with so many stressful situations with work, having to put an animal to sleep (that I have had for 16 years) and never once did I ever go for that candy. Or ever once even crave it!!! I felt like I was so clear minded that I was able to deal with what ever was thrown at me. It truly has been a life changing experience; I have whole new understanding of eating through the great knowledge that Risa has provided. She has answered every question and more that I have had for her. I am so glad that I made the commitment to stick with the 21 Day Detox and as an added bonus I lost just shy of 13 pounds in 21 days. One word sums it all up Amazing!!!! I would extremely recommend anybody to try the 21-Day Detox… I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Thanks so much again, seriously life changing :)”

– Kathy L.

“Thank you for being a knowledgeable and caring nutritionist. According to my blood tests I was a healthy person but had aches and discomfort throughout my body that my internist could not address. With your guidance of foods and supplements my energy level is unbelievable, getting out of bed is fun no joint aches and I love it when my girlfriends complement me that I really look good.”

– Vera K.

“When I came to Risa I felt ill all the time, and I had gained weight that I could not shed even though I was eating right (I thought), and getting regular exercise. After assessing me, she prescribed a cleanse that after the third day, left me feeling better than I have in my entire life. I now have a new normal. I thought I was destined to suffer from vertigo the rest of my life. I have been managing it for three years, but after three days I noticed it was gone, along with my allergies, and acid reflux. I also never realized what foggy brain was until mine was gone. As I said, my new normal is free of allergies, vertigo, acid reflux, and foggy brain. Detoxing me was a gift and the nice thing about it is that it was easy. The shakes were tasty and filling, and her recipes were so delicious that my family even enjoyed them. I find the shakes a great way to start each day because they supply me with the nutrients and protein I need to meet the demands of my career as a teacher. I had tried so many doctors and at sixty-six was at a point of accepting the aging process, and resigned myself to accepting afternoon naps as my fate.. Thanks to Risa, I don’t have to act my age. Now I can act the age I feel; 25. I now can go from five in the morning to eleven at night.”

– Vicki O.

“When I met Risa I was my heaviest I’ve ever been. For awhile I had been considering on changing my diet and considered doing a Cleanse, but was worried my “belly” wouldn’t be able handle it. I suffered from IBS (I thought, which might after all just have been gluten intolerance), allergies and migraines. Also, with working the nightshift, my sleep has been very challenging. Already during the 21-Day Cleanse I noticed huge changes; to name a few, sleeping better, less heartburn and more energy. After completing the Cleanse I continued with the 12-Week Nutrition Consultation. I have been off Prilosec and any other antacids for weeks. I have been getting much less migraines and I lost a total of 20lbs in three months!!! My diet now is gluten- and lactose-free, mainly organic and non- processed foods. The amazing thing: I don’t miss a lot of my prior favorite foods and snacks. Risa came into my life at the perfect time. Thank you for everything.”

– Kirstin G.

“I’m 45 years old and had been eating pretty “clean” since I turned 40 — avoiding all processed sugar and white flour and focusing on vegetables and lean meats. I knew I was insulin resistant and was concerned with high blood sugar, so I was always careful to watch my diet. So even though I thought I ate a really healthy diet, when I came to see Risa, I just wasn’t feeling as good as I had in the past.

Over the last two years I had gradually gained about 15 pounds and had started to have very uncomfortable peri menopausal symptoms… breast swelling, erratic and missed periods, and intensified PMS symptoms. I wasn’t sure if anything would work for me — I was truly getting desperate and I didn’t want to go on hormones.

I’ve been seeing Risa for the last 9 weeks and I have followed her diet and supplement recommendations and my results have been fantastic! I’ve lost 8 pounds so far and my peri menopausal symptoms are essentially gone – not just lessened — they are gone! I’m thrilled and can’t say enough about how much better I feel. I’ve learned a lot about what is best for my body – and how to change my diet to alleviate my symptoms.”

– Leah B.

“For many years Risa has been sharing her knowledge of nutrition with me and encouraging me to feed my body what it needs and wants. Like many people, however, I couldn’t imagine life without cookies, ice cream, or just about anything sweet. Wow, was I wrong! I have not had my “vices” (ice cream and cookies) for 2 months. At first I did miss them and periodically still do but not enough that I would choose them over how great I feel!

For a long time I felt physically exhausted and mentally foggy. I did not sleep well, if I was even able to fall asleep at all. A decision to go back to school in mid-life was the spark that lit the match. I knew in order to do well and get the most out of my education, I first needed to get my brain and body back. That was the moment I picked up the phone and called Risa. A combination of extensive nutritional knowledge, her warm personality, and a genuine desire to make people’s lives the best they can be, inevitably lead to, not only my success, but many others.”

– Alaina D.